Terms and Conditions

Important selling information

1.0 All items will go through a quality check assessment once we receive them to ensure all items meet our criteria.
Please see ‘What We Buy’ for information on what we currently buy.
Mimi’s Preloved will not pay for items or return items that are sent to us in the following conditions

  • Stained, soiled, dirty, marked in any way
  • Contain holes, rips/tears, worn patches
  • Have loose or broken stitching, including embroidery
  • Broken, faulty or missing parts – such as fastenings, buttons, sequins, other sewn on parts
  • Are stretched in any way such as neck lines, hems and cuffs
  • Faded – a light general all over wash fade is accepted
  • Pilled/bobbled – a light surface pile/bobble is accepted but the severity will be at our discretion.
  • Smelly, unclean, not laundered
  • Purchased more than 4 years ago
  • Fake or counterfeit/copies of originals
  • Not branded or aged within the areas we currently buy
  • Items that we do not buy
  • Items that haven’t been submitted on the online form

We strongly recommend that you check all items in good daylight for all of the above before submitting them to us for a personalised price.
Any items sent us that do not meet our quality check assessment will be recycled and will not be returned to you. You will receive an email outlining any items that do not meet our criteria, with photographic evidence if required and a re evaluated price before the new revised price is paid to you.
It is your responsibility to check items thoroughly and carefully before uploading for a price. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree in advance that if any items sent to us – Mimi’s Preloved, in any of the conditions above you will not hold Mimi’s Preloved responsible for any loss, material or otherwise incurred to you as a result of this.

Please ensure that you have carefully and thoroughly read these Terms and Conditions before selling your items with Mimi’s Preloved.
By clicking on ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ when completing your form you confirm that you have read, accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
If you do not accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you will be unable to sell your items to Mimi’s Preloved.

Terms of words used on our site

We/us/Our – Means Mimi’s Preloved
You/your – Means You, the person using this website
Website – Means Mimispreloved.com
Item or items – An item or items that you wish to sell under these terms and conditions
Working Business Day – A day of the week that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday – when banks are open to the public.
Personalised price – The price we will pay for the items you have uploaded on our website that you wish to sell, based on the information you have provided and providing they meet our quality check assessment. Also your order value.
Order value – The price we have valued your items at – your personalised price.
Your order – The items you have agreed to sell to Mimi’s Preloved by accepting the personalised price.
Contract – the contract between you the individual and us Mimi’s Preloved

We may change our terms and conditions from time to time and the criteria for which we buy, So please check them regularly.

Information about us

2.1 – Mimi’s Preloved and Mimi’s Children’s Boutique are trading names of Mimi’s Preloved LTD. Whose registered office is;

℅ J&AW Sulley, Paramount House, 2 Concorde Drive, Clevedon BS21 6UH
Registration number – 11233494

2.2 We can be contacted via email at enquiries@mimispreloved.com

Using Mimi’s Preloved

3.0 Mimi’s Preloved can be used by individuals of the general public wishing to buy or sell children’s preowned clothing. It is not intended for businesses, traders or organisations, including charities.

3.1 By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are agreeing that you are an individual living in the UK and are accessing our website from within the UK, you are over the age of 18 or have a parents permission to use Mimi’s Preloved to sell items to us and are the legal owner of the items you wish to sell or have the legal owners permission to do so.

3.2 You are using the website for the purpose it was intended for either,

To gain information about Mimi’s Preloved or
To sell items to Mimi’s Preloved, including to obtain a no obligation price for your items you to wish to sell.

3.3 All purchases and sales made from Mimi’s Preloved eBay shop are to be kept strictly through eBay. If you have any questions relating to a purchase you have made from our online eBay store please message us via our eBay shop.

3.4 Mimi’s Preloved reserves the right to temporarily suspend or remove all or parts of the website at any time if we choose to without notice.

Selling your children’s clothing to Mimi’s Preloved

4.0 It is your responsibility to ensure you have read the ‘what we buy’ section and our terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully before uploading any items for sale on our online form.

4.1 Once you have submitted your items you would like to sell via our online form you will receive a personalised price via email for the items you have uploaded. Providing the items sent to us are as described and meet our quality check assessment upon us receiving them this is the price you will be paid. You are under no obligation to accept the price if you are not happy and the contract will end there and you do not need to do anything further.

4.2 The price you receive is personalised to your items based on the brand, condition and photos that you provide as a whole and is not negotiable. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct before submitting as this could affect the price. We are unable to offer you a break down of the individual price for each individual item at the moment.

4.3 The personalised price you recieve for your items will be valid for 7 days – if we haven’t heard from you by then by accepting, the price will no longer be valid and you will need to submit your items again via the online form on the website.

4.4 Once you accept the personalised price sent to you, you are agreeing to sending your items to us and the contract will begin – you will receive an email with what to do next and will need to send your items to Mimi’s Preloved using a tracked/signed for  delivery service within 14 working days. If your order value is £15 or more we will add the cost of postage on top of this price please see clause 5.1

4.5 It is your responsibility to obtain relevant tracking information for your parcel and keep it safe until we receive your item – Until we receive your parcel you – the sender, are responsible for the parcel and it’s contents. We recommend using Royal Mail 2nd class signed for, for small and medium sized parcels. Which has compensation Up to £50 included.

4.6 Mimi’s Preloved can not be held responsible for any items or parcels sent to us that get lost in transit. In the event your parcel gets lost and you have paid for and despatched the parcel containing your items, it is your responsibility to claim for a refund via the courier you have used to send your parcel to us.

4.7 Items must be sent to Mimi’s Preloved within 14 working business days of you accepting the price. Failure to do so will result in the order being cancelled and no payment will be made.
Any items sent after 14 working business days of you accepting the price will not be returned or payed for.

4.8 If you have chosen to drop the items off in person and receive your payment in cash – you will need to arrange in advance via email a day & time with Mimi’s Preloved to drop your items off. Items must be dropped off within 14 working business days of accepting the price.

Please note that your items will need to be quality checked so please bear this mind as depending on the amount could take some time. You will not receive payment until the quality control assessment has been carried out on each item. Any items that do not meet the criteria will be deducted from the price before payment is made to you. You will be able to take any items away with you that do not meet the quality check assessment.

4.9 If you have a large amount of clothing that meets our buying criteria and are local to Clevedon you can email us at enquiries@mimispreloved.com to arrange a valuation in person. If you are not local to the Clevedon area and have a large amount we recommend splitting it, possibly in ages and uploading it in smaller amounts on the website.

Postage costs

5.0 For all items you will need to pay for the cost of postage to send your items to us and obtain relevant tracking information.

5.1 If your order value is £15 or more we will pay the cost of the postage incurred to you to send your items to us. Once you have sent your items to us and obtained the relevant postage certificate, you will need to send us a photo/screen shot of the postage receipt clearly displaying the price, date, our post code and number and relevant tracking number to eve@mimispreloved.com. Once we have received the items and have carried out our quality check assessment – we will add the cost of the postage as shown in your photo on to your order price providing the order value is still £15 or above after the quality check assessment has been carried out on all items.
Maximum postage refund £6.05

Getting paid

6.0 For items sent to us via post, Once we receive your items we will carefully inspect the items under our quality check assessment, during busy periods this can take up to five working business days after we receive your items. Once this has taken place and the final price confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to you and payment will be made.
For bank transfer – We will process the payment immediately after the quality check assessment and confirmation email.  Payment can take up to 2 hours to show in your account
For PayPal – We will process payment immediately after quality check assessment and confirmation email. Payment can take up to 2 hours to show in your account
For Cheque payment – Cheques will be posted the next working business day after the quality check assessment has been carried out and confirmation email sent.
Donation to charity – payment will be made to our chosen children’s charity within 1 week and confirmation sent to you to confirm that the money has been donated.

6.1 For cash on drop off please see clause 4.8 – cash will be paid to you after the quality control assessment.

6.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that all payment details are correct when submitting them to us. We can not be held responsible for incorrect payment details sent to us.

6.3 For items that fail our quality check assessment, these items will be excluded from the price and a confirmation email will be sent you outlining the items that failed the assessment and the revised price before payment is made. We are unable to send any items back that fail our quality check assessment and they will be recycled responsibly. If you require photo evidence of why any items did not meet our quality check assessment- please email us within 24 hours of your confirmation email.


7.0 You can cancel an order at any time up until you send the items to us. Once you have sent your items to us – you will not be able to cancel the order.

7.1 Should you wish to cancel an order you can let us know as soon as possible after accepting the price and confirmation email, in writing to enquiries@mimispreloved.com

7.2 Your initial personalised price sent to you is completely no obligation, if you are not happy with the price sent to you, you do not need to do anything further or send written confirmation that you do not wish to go ahead. You will have 7 days to accept the price – If we don’t hear back from you in this time we will assume you don’t wish to go ahead with the order.

Buying from Mimi’s Preloved

8.0 We work really hard at Mimi’s HQ to ensure all of the items for sale on our website are clean, hole and mark free. Occasionally we do miss something, please know that this is not intentional and we will endeavour to resolve with you if you receive an item that has a hole or mark that is NOT described in the item description. We take a personal approach to this so please let us know at enquiries@mimispreloved.com and some-one will get back to you within 24hrs.

8.1 All our items unless marked as NEW are preloved so may show light signs of wash/wear, some light wash fade or surface bobbling for example. We try to provide as many pictures as possible which you can zoom in on and anything that we feel needs to be mentioned about the item will be added in the description. All items will be marked under the following conditions – Fair, Good, Excellent, New.

8.2 Once you place an order on our website you can cancel anytime up until your order has been dispatched for a full refund.  To cancel an order before your item has been dispatched please email us at enquiries@mimispreloved.com and state CANCEL ORDER in the sub box and provide your order number.

8.3 Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an e-mail confirmation, and we will be unable to cancel your order and issue a full refund from that point.

8.4 You have a right to cancel an order up to 14 days after you receive your goods.

8.5 If you wish to return an item or order you have 14 days from the day the goods are received. Please e-mail returns@mimispreloved.com should you wish to return an order within 14 days of receiving your order and instructions will follow.

8.6 Please note that postage fees are non refundable and we are unable to provide free returns at this point. If you are returning an item you will need to cover the cost of postage yourself and are liable for the item until it is returned back to us. We would recommend using a tracked service.

8.7 If an item is not as described once you receive the item please send us an e-mail enquiries@mimispreloved.com and we resolve this for you. Please see top paragraph.

8.8 If you have any queries at all regarding an item or order please e-mail us at enquiries@mimispreloved.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contacting us

9.0 We are an online company and all initial contact is made via e-mail. You can email us at enquiries@mimispreloved.com.

9.1 Should you wish to speak to someone in person, you should email us on the email address above, including your name, contact telephone number, a good time to call and the reason for your request and we will be in contact with you.

9.2 We endeavour to respond to all emails and enquiries as soon as possible however during busy periods there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before you get a response.
If you have sent us an email, please allow 48 hours before contacting us again regarding the same email or query. Thank-you.

Mimi’s Preloved is in no way affiliated, connected to, endorsed by or sponsored by any of the brands or designers listed on our website

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