What we buy - Item criteria

Please read the following information carefully before uploading any items that you wish to sell as it outlines what we currently buy and don’t buy.

This is subject to change so please do keep checking back!

✅ We buy general items of clothing and footwear only, such as tops, trousers, jumpers, outfits, dresses, jackets/coats, shoes/trainers etc

A list of what we do not buy can be found below.

✅ Items that are from one of the branded outlets or designers listed on our online form

✅ Items that are aged between 3-6 months and 7-8 years (and all sizes in between)

✅ Items that are either new with original store tags, nearly new condition/new without tags or very good clean condition.

✅ Items that have been purchased within the last 4 years.

If you have bought an item second hand or had items stored away please ensure they are less than 4 years old.

✅ We buy in the following seasons

Spring wear – Jan- March (inclusive)

Summer wear – April to July (inclusive)

Autumn wear – August to October (inclusive)

Winter wear – September to December (inclusive)

General all year round items – Any time.

As an example – please do not upload winter coats to sell in April or summer dresses in October

✅ Please ensure all items are clean, freshly laundered and preferably ironed and meet all of the above.

We do not currently buy the following,

❌Baby grows/Bodysuits/vests


❌School uniform

❌Fancy Dress/Dress Up/Costumes

❌Nightwear – PJs/Nighties, Dressing gowns/onesies, slippers

❌Underwear – pants/socks/vests

❌Tights – unless they are part of an outfit or brand new

❌Bridesmaid dresses

❌ Dance wear and other specialist sports wear including footwear.

❌Accessories – Hats/gloves/scarves/glasses/belts etc

❌ Wetsuits

We do buy swimwear and boys suits – as long as they meet the criteria above marked with a ✅

We do not buy or pay for items that are in the following condition

❌ Stained, soiled, dirty, marked in any way

❌ Contain holes, rips/tears, worn patches

❌ Have loose or broken stitching, including embroidery

❌ Have cracked prints

❌Broken, faulty or missing parts – such as fastenings, buttons, sequins, other sewn on parts

❌Are stretched in any way such as neck lines, hems and cuffs

❌ Faded – a light general all over wash fade is accepted

❌ Pilled/bobbled – a light surface pile/bobble due to wash on some fabrics is accepted but the severity will be at our discretion.

❌ Smelly, unclean, not laundered

❌ Purchased more than 4 years ago

❌ Fake or counterfeit/copies of originals

❌ Not branded or aged within the areas we currently buy

❌ Items that we do not buy

❌ Items that haven’t been submitted on the online form

We strongly recommend checking all items you wish to sell in proper daylight for any of the above before uploading them on our online form.

All items go through a quality check assessment when we receive them to ensure they meet all of the above – Any items that don’t meet the criteria may affect your final price and any items sent to us in any of the conditions marked with an ❌ will not be paid for or returned to you. You will be sent a revised price before payment is made to confirm the changes.

Full terms and conditions can be found here!

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